Downsizing, right-sizing, re-engineering, they all end up with a similar result. Redundancies!

The manner in which you manage a redundancy program will impact your reputation and affect the future employability of the people you’re “letting go”.

At OBD we recognise the support needed by those facing redundancy and also those making redundancies. That’s why we focus on:

  • Reinforcing and repackaging your skills and experience
  • Retraining in areas where you’ve been inactive for a period of time
  • Building new knowledge and skills to widen your search for new opportunities
  • Reviewing new options and new enterprises where your skills can be employed

Importantly it’s also about feeling connected. Being in a supportive environment where people feel part of something dynamic and fun replaces some of the social interaction lost through not going to work.

If you take the future of your colleagues seriously then you will want to read our fact sheet.