Career Re-Launch

When you left education you probably thought you understood the working world and the role you wanted in it. But life has moved on and, from experience, you know a lot more now than you did then. You may even wish you’d been a little more attentive in the classroom!

Being in the wrong role or the wrong organisation is very common. Even more common is the belief that there is nothing YOU can do to change it! WRONG.

Are you’re feeling:

  • Frustrated by your current role and by the lack of real opportunity?
  • Inhibited by your own lack of formal training and development?
  • Uninspired by the traditional training courses at your disposal?

Also, if you’re feeling the urge to start up your own business and work for yourself then you’ll need a helping hand.

If you’re looking for a change, read the Fact Sheet on Re-launching Your Career.