About Us

Quite simply we’re here to make a difference. To Individuals who want to make the best of their working lives and Organisations that want to harness and develop the entrepreneurial talent from within.

As a provider of Business Education and Personal Development programs we are unique in that we combine academic rigour with hardened commercial expertise to deliver practice based learning modules and interactive workshops.

Professor Roger Mumby-Croft, a recognised expert in Entrepreneurship and founder of the Enterprise Hub at Warwick Business School and David Cartwright an experienced CEO, business coach and team builder, lead OBD. Their credentials for developing and delivering employability and business skills stems from direct experience in:

  • Running businesses as independent owners and corporate directors
  • Advising and coaching business owners on leadership and strategy
  • Leading turnarounds and new business start-ups
  • Designing and running workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs,
    unemployed executives and young people entering the workplace

With the help of a number of associates Roger and David are committed to helping individuals and organisations make the most of their talent and developing programs
that support and promote life-long learning.